Innocent is a subcultural youth centre founded in 1985. Since the start Innocent has been run by volunteers, and volunteers only. Everything is possible within a few basic agreements. Innocent has it’s roots in the 80’s punk-culture and is now a place for all underground genres. The stage Innocent is international known in the Hardcore scene.

At Innocent you can do whatever in the area of concerts, parties, political themes and other activities. There are a lot of facilities such as a rehearsel space, recording studio, concerthall/bar, kitchen, free wifi internet and even a terrace.

Volunteering at Innocent
We are always looking for enthousiastic new volunteers to help us running this place. If you want to become a volunteer, your best chance is to come to Innocent on any monday night around 20:00. You will be interupting our weekly meeting, but we will like you for doing so.

Innocent offers you the possibility to organise concerts or parties, work behind the bar at shows or when we are opened, helping at the door during concerts and parties, cleaning after shows or helping with any other stuff we have lying around. Plenty of jobs for all of you, and you make Innocent a better place for all of us.

Stichting Innocent
Adres: Deldenerstraat 25, 7551 AA Hengelo
Tel: +3174-2426640

Innocent documentary by Nicolai Kunst | 2011